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K3/3 year-old Preschool

Come on in and join 3 year old preschool! We are truly God’s Little Lambs! With Him watching over us, he guides our special journey through this first year of school. Our 3 year olds develop new friendships with class mate, teachers, and Jesus as we learn and play together. Through lots of fun activities and games, our preschoolers are introduced to numbers, letters, and alphabet sounds. They also learn about colors, shapes and sizes. Teaching and learning about God’s love is a wonderful joy and we make it part of all we do!

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k4 group

K4/4 Year-Old Preschool

The Good Shepherd K4 is a transition year into all day kindergarten. We meet 5 days a week with goals of teaching your child to love learning and be amazed daily through a variety of new experiences and play. Emphasis is placed on helping K4 students communicate successfully by expressing themselves with words, and practicing their social skills by guiding them to work well in groups and independently. With Jesus as our friend, we explore and learn through hands on activities helping your child build a strong academic, social and spiritual foundation that will last a lifetime!


The full day Kindergarten experience at Good Shepherd gives children the opportunity to expand their love of learning, build knowledge, develop their ability to get along with others, and explore the world through hands-on lessons and activities. Growth in self-esteem, independence, individual strengths, self-control and curiosity are fostered through warm guidance and support. Living daily in a Christian community gives each child the opportunity to experience and practice the love and forgiveness we find in Jesus.

1st grade

1st grade

Who is ready for a fabulous year? Mrs. Bely’s first graders are! First grade is an exciting time as children embark upon new adventures in the world of learning. This is an important year of transitions, as well as one in which acquisition of new skills is accelerated. The first graders will develop fundamental work habits, appropriate social behavior, problem solving and decision making skills and of course academic skills. Growing academically and spiritually are equal parts in this classroom. There are many opportunities that happen daily for each child to learn more about their Savior who is forgiving, caring, and loving always.

2nd Grade

We work together, play together, learn together, grow together, and someday be in Heaven together. Together we grow as a class to shine like God’s child and serve Him by serving others! Second grade is a time of blossoming independence. Children learn and flourish in a spiritual, safe, and dynamic educational environment. They have the freedom to experiment, explore, seek, and question. Together we can be the best students we can be!

2nd grade
3rd grade

3rd Grade

Our students have stated that our mission in third grade is to learn about God and His creation, to learn to live in Christ, to grow in knowledge and skill, and to share our knowledge and skill with others. In Good Shepherd’s third grade, children see how God connects to every aspect of their lives and how this can drive them to be the people whom God has created them to be. Academically, students focus on growing their abilities to comprehend what they read, on learning and applying methods for solving increasingly complex mathematical problems, and on writing with particular attention to making revisions while thinking of the six traits of writing.

4th Grade

The 4th grade classroom prides itself on being a positive and well-organized Christian environment that instills a love of learning in all students. The expectations set in academics and behavior are challenging, yet rewarding. There is a strong emphasis placed on developing independence and responsibility infused into each day. Each student is always encouraged to do their best. And, because we want you to know what your child is learning, family communication is key. Please follow our classroom website to see what new and exciting things are happening in our room as we grow in Christ.

4th 5th grade
5th 6th grade

5th/6th Grade

Welcome to 5th/6th grade! During this transitional year from elementary to middle school age, we work hard to establish great work habits, higher levels of responsibility, and the strength and perseverance to tackle new learning challenges as we become critical thinkers in the 21st century. And, we do it all of this under the umbrella of our Savior’s love as we stretch and grow the talents He’s given us. Come and join us in our journey!

7th/8th Grade

Welcome to the 7th/8th grade classroom. We continue to work on the acquire basicand higher order thinking skills necessary for high school and adulthood. Along these same lines we are developing the necessary ability to defend our faith in our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, in an ever increasing world of Biblical illiteracy and unbelief in God’s Word.

7th 8th grade

Home-school Options

Good Shepherd Lutheran School is an accredited school offering a Christ-centered enrichment program for home-schooled children in grades K-8.

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